The Difference Between Satellite Telecommunications

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There are many different forms of technologies we are probably already familiar with when it comes to telecommunication. Basically, telecommunications involves the sending and receiving of information, which can range across a variety of technology such as radio, television, the internet, or even the lowly landlines that connect people’s homes and offices. 

However due to the geological features of the Earth, as well as the limitations of the technology themselves, terrestrial-based telecommunications will always leave most of us wanting for more. Even cellular phones that are supposed to allow us to roam untethered while communicating with the world can have spotty to no coverage if you start getting farther out from major metropolitan centers and small towns and end up in the middle of nowhere. However, with satellite telecommunications, this isn’t so. 
With satellite telecommunications, a ground station transmits a signal which can be bounced off an orbiting satellite, or even network of orbiting satellites, and then relayed to another ground station that acts as the receiver. This completely eliminates the challenge of obstruction of line-of-sight between two terrestrial telecommunications stations, as well as the problem of the curvature of the Earth affecting communications between two locations that are a significant distance apart. That way, two locations separated by a mountain will be able to take advantage of satellite telecommunications, bouncing a communications signal off a satellite to avoid having to through the mountain itself. 
As an example, satellite phones are able to get much more coverage than a phone that utilizes coverage from the more popular telecommunications providers. A cellular phone needs to be within range of a cell tower for its telephony features to even be utilized. This can mean spotty or even no coverage from your cellular network if you drive far enough away from metropolitan areas and towns. On the other hand, satellite phones are a form of satellite telecommunications. This means they communicate directly with the satellite, with coverage that is just as good out in the middle of nowhere as it usually would. One can make phone calls virtually anywhere there is satellite coverage and not have to be near a cell tower. 
Besides line-of-sight communications (or a lack of it), satellite-based telecommunications technologies offer a variety of other benefits as well. For one, radio programming will not be affected by some telecommunications technologies that are admittedly rather primitive. Another great thing about satellite communications is that several frequencies have been freed-up, allowing for cleaner communications on land-based home jobs while satellite telecommunications can rely on more frequencies rather than must being limited. So be sure you have the right equipment ready before you even start trying to communicate with another satellite phone.

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